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Privacy Policy does NOT attempt to obtain your real identity, email address, or other Personally Identifiable Information. You can, at your own risk, use to store personal information, using encryption when appropriate. It is against these terms of service to use to publish private or confidential information about third parties without their consent. The web interface allows to encrypt text before it is sent to No warranties are made about the encryption method provided by Users can use other third party text encryption tools before submitting sensitive data to does not store or have access to the passwords used for encryption, as all encryption/decryption occurs locally in the client computer. will not (and in practice can not) search or decrypt text encrypted by the users. Any other data that has not been encrypted, including public and private notes, files, and pictures, may be examined by with the sole purpose of verifying compliance with these terms of service. Please note that files and pictures are never encrypted by, only the links pointing to their location are. Users can use third party encryption tools to encrypt files and images before uploading. Please be aware that under certain circumstances any web service provider might be legally obliged to reveal private user information to the authorities. In no other case will your private information be shared with any third party without your explicit permission.

Although our best efforts are made to enforce your choice of privacy settings, please be aware that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable. Therefore, we cannot and do not guarantee that the information you provide to will not be viewed by unauthorized persons. should not be used to store unencrypted data that could be of any use to malicious internet users, such as email addresses and credit card numbers.

Internet Protocol numbers are broadcast in every internet communication. stores such Internet Protocol numbers to protect from malicious internet activity. stores in your computer a session cookie with the sole purpose of you not having to constantly type your user name and password. These cookies do not contain any information about you. The only privacy concern here is that someone with access to your filesystem can, by detecting the presence of such cookies, determine that someone using your computer has visited before. If that is a concern, you can delete such cookies after your usage of Please refer to your browser documentation for instructions to block or delete cookies. also uses local storage technology built in modern browsers to enable offline access to your notes and to autosave the contents and settings of your note editor so no information is lost in case of a crash or you accidentally navigating away from